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Redgreen Technology Ltd

Affordable Technology

Our Mission

Redgreen envisage to be one of the top 3 technology brand in Bangladesh in 2023 by providing cutting edge and compelling design smartphone to the low/middle income people in Bangladesh. In Redgreen, we do develop, source and deliver smartphone and premium accessories based in Bangladesh. Our goal is bringing smartphone with cutting edge technology and compelling design at a lower cost. We are building something like Xiaomi from Bangladesh. Eliminate retail channel by ecommerce offerings, cutting marketing budget by social media and internet campaign and develop feedback based smartphone is the vision of Redgreen.

Premium Gadget

We import and distribute premium Accesories brand Pavareal In Bangladesh.

Work Environment

We ensure great work environment

Technology Focused

Redgreen is fully futureproof tech focused.

Our Team

ABM Obaidullah

Managing Directror

Nazimul Haque

Admin & Accounts

Esrat Ria

Sr. Manager

Debashish D. Dev

DevOps Tech Lead

Farjana Rahman

Sr. Digital Marketing Officier

Israfil Arif

Creative Graphic Designer

Kaiser Shourov

Supply Chain Officer

Sajib Hossain

Web Content Developer

Alamgir Hossain

Creative Graphic Designer

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